You only need to take a few steps to buy a product

1. To find a product on a website, you can use the Product catalog and its sub-groups. If you can't find the product, you can call or leave a message for our specialists in Contacts and clarify the information.

2. By choosing one or more items, you can place them in a cart and place an order, then our consultants will contact you. Orders can be made by phone and in our store.

3. Goods reception: The goods can be obtained at our store (Slavu street 2e, Daugavpils) or we will bring it to you. For more information on delivery terms, see the section on Delivery.

4. Payment methods: In our store you can pay with cash and make a non-cash transfer. If the item is delivered by a courier, then a prepayment with a non-cash transfer or by paying the courier in cash when receiveng the order.

5. Any item with a value of over 50 EUR can be purchased on Leasing, the processing takes a few minutes. We will prepare all the necessary documents.

6. You can specify your order or delivery status at any time with our consultants.

7. After making a purchase, be sure to keep a receipt or a bill of lading, including a guarantee voucher, if you have any.